The CAL INFO Guide to the Administrative Regulations of the States & Territories

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Updated yearly and available in August
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The CAL INFO Guide is a comprehensive table of contents of the regulations of the states and territories. It has become the definitive reference book on state regulations. The GUIDE is meant to provide an outline to help the user find the regulations without having to refer to the volumes directly. Locating regulations has always been difficult without physically referring to the actual volumes, this Guide is meant to alleviate that difficulty.

The CAL INFO Guide provides the following for each state and territory: the official title; the date of first publication; the date and number of the last supplement consulted before publishing the Guide; the publisher; the place of publication; whether a register is published and its frequency; Internet addresses and other online sources; and a detailed table of contents.

The CAL INFO Guide is updated yearly. A standing order may be placed for this yearly publication. If the user needs regulatory research please call the research staff at CAL INFO in Washington, DC or Los Angeles, California.

The guide is in use at major law libraries, including:
California State Library
Yale University Law Library
Boston University Law Library
Washington University Law School
Many top law firms Executive Office of the President of the US
Los Angeles County Law Library
Hastings College of Law
NYU Law School
Sears Roebuck & Co.
Law Schools

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